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Ricardo Martins - a techie


ricardo [--sysadmin] [--devops enthusiast] [--student] [--cli-heavy-user]
[--contributor] [--instructor] [ --other]


I'm a systems administrator, enthusiast of cloud computing technologies, focused, results-oriented, always working with ownership and follow-up. I'm familiar with, and a huge supporter of, the DevOps culture and how to make it work with a large team in a fast paced environment.

I have facility to work in groups and collaborate with the increase of team performance, interested in continuous learning, documentation of procedures, planning activities and continuous research about new tools and technologies.



Extensive experience in linux and opensource implementations, amazon web services, infrastructure, cloud computing, networking, fault tolerance mechanisms, high availability, security and performance, cloud applications, n-tier architectures and distributed systems architecture design. Always working with ownership and deep involvement in the full process life cycle, from conception and design to infrastructure implementation, instrumentation and testing. Has a keen ability on diagnosis, deployment, debugging and adaptation (reconfiguration) of systems, and a passion for the CLI.

Able to set up vital Linux infrastructure components including load balancers, DNS servers, and web/application servers. Familiar with network-level security policies as well as server-level security layers like SELinux.

General Knowledge:

* Linux distributions like RedHat, CentOS and Debian;
* Windows Systems (2003, 2008 and 2012);
* Installation and configuration of applications and key network services (Apache, Nginx, DNS, NFS, DHCP, FTP, SSH, Samba, OpenVPN);
* Virtualized Systems (Hyper-V, VMWare, Xen);
* Monitoring tools like Zabbix, Nagios and Cacti.

Professional Certifications:

* Rackspace: Cloud University;
* LPI: Advanced Level Linux Professional (LPIC-2);
* LPI: Junior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-1);
* Microsoft: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA);
* Novell: Novell Certified Linux Administrator (NCLA);
* Novell: Data Center Technical Specialist (NDTS);
* Conectiva Linux: Certified Systems Administrator (October/2004).


Cloud Computing with Free Software using CloudStack
Presentation at FLISOL 2015 about Cloud Computing with Free Software using CloudStack

DevOps Culture and OpsWorks
Internal presentation at Bemobi company about DevOps Culture and OpsWorks

Cloud Computing & Amazon Web Services
Internal presentation at Bemobi company about Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services

AWS for Developers
Presentation on internal tech-talk at Passei Direto company.

Cloud Computing & CloudStack
Presentation on VI edition of Free Software Forum in Duque de Caxias.

Cloud Computing
Speaker in the first edition of the Cycle of Lectures of Senac Rio.

Cloud Computing
Speaker at the 2014 edition of the Latin American Festival of Free Software.


Started projects to share knowledge and assist other technical people:

* Personal Blog - the memory dump from one sysadmin
* Techvideos - a personal curated videos about technology and computing.

Compiled posts covering various systems administration topics including networking, cloud computing, security, hardening, etc.


Comfortable leading groups of technical people in customer-facing environments. Also able to provide individualized mentoring on technical and career development topics.

Familiar with the agile development methodology and how to apply it to an operations environment. Including the usage of metodologies like Scrum and Kanbam.


* Technologist Degree in Computer Networks - SENAC/RJ - Finished at December/2013;
* High School: Electronics Technician - Technical School Henrique Lage - Finished at December/2003;
* Technical Training:
  - Cisco Lan Switching and Wireless (November/2012, Online, Cisco Networking Academy);
  - Cisco Routing Protocols and Concepts (June/2012, Online, Cisco Networking Academy);
  - Symantec Netbackup 7.0 Unix/Windows: Administration (May/2012, 40 Hours, Symantec);
  - Cisco Network Fundamentals (November/2011, Online, Cisco Networking Academy);
  - Training MCSE on Windows Server 2003 (April/2007, 304 Hours, Mcury Computação);
  - Network Specialist - Conectiva Linux (August/2004, 100 Hours, SENAC/RJ);
  - Network Administration - Conectiva Linux (June/2004, 144 Hours, SENAC/RJ);
  - Installation and Maintenance of Computer and Networks (October/2002, 394 Hours, CEFET/RJ).


* Microsoft
  December/2015 - Current: Azure Cloud Solution Architect

I am a member of the global Cloud Solution Architects team bringing Microsoft's cloud platform (IAAS, PAAS and SAAS) to the market. As part of the the SMSG Sales team for Azure as a Technology Specialist with a passion for customers and technology.

A Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) drives high priority customer initiatives on Azure in collaboration with customers and the Microsoft field. The CSA is a technical, customer facing role that is accountable for the end-to-end customer cloud experience. I own the Azure technical customer opportunities including projects architecture and/or Proofs of Concept (POCs) when needed. One of my responsibilities as a CSA is also leading technical and economic value discussions with senior customer executives that drive key decisions and implementation. As a CSA I work closely with distinct teams such as the generalists and specialists in the MSFT field and delivery teams (including partners, services and product engineering). CSAs own the Azure technical customer engagement and is accountable for:

- Architectural design sessions;
- Executing rapid technical feasibility for moving identified workloads to Azure;
- Building a technical and security architecture in Azure for the selected apps/workloads;
- Lead compliance assessments with the customer on designed Azure architecture;
- Selecting a migration approach to lift and shift the workloads to Azure or architecting a greenfield development and/or production platform for new applications;
- Specific implementation projects and/or Proofs of Concepts;
- Driving onboarding plan (with MCS or partners);
- Reporting to customer as business objectives / business value conditions are met;
- Ensuring plan execution and Azure consumption targets are met;
- Documenting and sharing technical best practices / insights with engineering and the architect community;
- Delight the customer with their Azure experience;
- Deep understanding of cloud computing technologies, business drivers, and emerging computing trend.

* Bemobi - Corporate Mobile Solutions.
  December/2014 - Dezember/2015: Infrastructure Analyst

- Management and administration of Linux servers in mission critical environment responsible for providing value-added services for mobile operators;
- Installation, configuration and management services on Linux environments;
- Implementing mobile application store on AWS using OpsWorks (http://www.appsclub.com);
- Main technologies involved: Linux, JBoss, Tomcat, Nginx, Tornado, Thumbor, Circus, Supervisor, Shell, RabbitMQ, Solr, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (OpsWorks, VPC, S3, IAM, RDS, VPC, Multi-AZ), Zabbix, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, NewRelic , Varnish.

* Passei Direto - Brazilian Social Network, aiming to connect students and their knowledge.
  June/2014 - December/2014: Systems Administrator

- Administration and management of IaaS Cloud Infrastructure on AWS EC2 and VPC environments;
- Optimization of active and passive monitoring of environments and services with Zabbix and Monit;
- Scripting in bash for automated backup using S3 (AWS) of physical servers and Xenserver virtual machines, backups processes, checking and notifications about updates of systems, generation of snapshot (AMI) of AWS instances;
- Administration of the following products and technologies: Team City, Elastic Search, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu and CentOS Linux distributions, Git, AWS Services, Octopus, Redis, RabbitMQ, Zabbix, NET, SQL Server, MySQL, OpenVPN, NodeJS, MongoDB, Amazon WebServices (Route53, IAM, S3, EC2, VPC, RDS, ELB).

* Globo.com - Absolute leader in the market news portals, sports and entertainment in Latin America.
  October/2013 - June/2014: Systems Administrator

- Service Delivery and Web Infrastructure of all entertainment products and platforms in Globo.com;
- Built a reliable and resilient web infrastructure for a large audience;
- Automatic configuration with Puppet;
- Application of Continuous Delivery concepts;
- Product support to attend internal development teams;
- Summary of technologies and methodologies used: Kanbam, Scrum, Vagrant, Puppet, Node.js, Bash, Capistrano, Git, Redis, Ruby, Python, Fabric, Capistrano and Puppet;

* Alog Datacenters - Equinix Company
  June/2013 - October/2013: Senior Management Analyst for Linux Hosting.

- Analyst of Hosting Management team, working in Management/Project/Revisions of critical environments on Linux platform, both physical and virtualized;
- Monitoring, documentation, specification and implementation of hosting projects commonly used in e-commerce and internet systems;
- Analysis of vulnerabilities and performance in environments managed by Alog;
- Management of scenarios and mission-critical environments for corporate clients;
- Technical Analysis proactive in environments managed by Alog with regard to connectivity, operating system, security, capacity planning, monitoring, among others;
- Preparation of documents for reports, runbooks and procedures for the activation and support teams at different levels;
- Preparation of reports, schedules and analysis of impacts of change;
- Realization of level 3 support.

* Peixe Urbano - Website of collective purchasing
  July/2012 - May/2013: Senior Systems Administrator

- Member of the team responsible to guarantee HA, resilience, security and cost optimization in hybrid IAAS environment for all infrastructure operations of web sites with several million accesses per month;
- Administration of the structure on Cloud Computing Amazon Web Services (AWS) with over 200 servers in the environment EC2 (Elastic Cloud) and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and AWS Services like Route53, IAM, S3, EC2, VPC, RDS, ELB;
- Participation in the design, planning, implementation and administration of the new environment in VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) including migration of servers from EC2 to VPC environment;
- Administration on the physical and virtual structure at datacenters SoftLayer Hosting and Connectria Hosting;
- Installation / Administration of servers with Windows Server (2008) and Linux (CentOS/RedHat);
- Management of infrastructure services (AD, DNS, FTP, DHCP, OpenVPN, Subversion, File Server, Jira, Memcached, Samba, Rsync);
- Management of Web Application Servers (IIS 7.0, Apache, Solr and Nginx);
- Development of shell scripts for automating tasks;
- Monitoring network and systems (Zabbix);
- Virtualization of servers (XenServer 6.0 and VMware EXSi 5.0);
- Tunning of the Windows and Linux servers;
- Documentation of procedures;
- Support teams of development/product;
- Performance in the continuous improvement of server infrastructure and services.

* Azul Seguros - Insurance Company
  December/2011 - April/2012: Support Analyst

- Administration of a Linux environment (CentOS), Unix (Solaris) and VMware (vSphere / ESX) used in development, approval and production;
- Management Firewalls, Proxies, Web Services, DNS, File Servers, application servers (Tomcat, Caucho Resin);
- Implementation of system Wiki (Dokuwiki) with Active Directory, used for documentation of existing projects and viability of existing online knowledge base;
- Deployment of applications and patches using Visual Source Safe;
- Management of Unix backup using HDUP tool;
- Management and monitoring of links, hosts and services with Nagios and Cacti;
- Basic administration of appliances (Astaro, IronPort) and EMC storage.

* Globo TV - Biggest Brazilian TV Channel
  August/2005 - December/2011: Support and Maintenance Technician

- Implementation, administration and support networks and hybrid environments (Windows and Linux) used for recording, storage, processing/editing and video display in various projects inEngineering, Journalism and Sporting Events;
- Creation of technical papers/documentation and participation in research and development projects working in support, debugging and auditing systems;
- Development of shell and vbs scripts to process automation, deployment tools to install software and operating systems in an automated way;
- Deployment environments in domain with Windows 2003 and 2008, setting GPO's, safety analysis, detecting and blocking vulnerabilities, management, support, installation and maintenance of servers, hardware, storage, raid, backup systems, operating systems, Windows, Linux (CentOS/SuSe), Unix/Irix (Silicon Graphics Hardware) and MacOS;
- Creation of lab / test environment in the department for testing of new technologies using tools such as VMWare, Hyper-V and Xen;
- Support for display and distribution systems, automation servers, videography, art, content servers, databases (MySQL), graphic stations, workstations, market and proprietary software;
- Support critical areas that develop materials in computer graphics for television events, systems engineering and journalism;
- Implementation, administration and support of tapeless GloboNews TV System (Awarded internationally by Broadcast Engineering).

* Urbi Network - Wireless Internet Provider
  April/2003 – August/2005: Jr. Systems Analyst

Firstly as a Trainee, later Field Technician and finally Jr. Systems Analyst with the following responsibilities:

- Support the team in the implementation of structured cabling backbone and installation and configuration of hardware and software to enable Internet access to customers;
- Design, structuring and maintenance of LAN, WAN and WLAN;
- Physical and Remote Support to customers in the various services offered by the company (Dial-Up, Cable, ISDN/DVI,ADSL, Wireless);
- Installation and configuration of home routers, switches and wireless devices;
- Support remote for field technicians and help desk;
- Configuration and administration of systems for monitoring links and services (WhatsUp, Nagios/MRTG, Cacti);
- Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers based on Linux (Debian), at clients served by the company offering internet over wireless and/or wired.


* E-mail: ricmmart at gmail dot com
* Phone: +55 21 999 196 950
* Twitter: ricardommartins
* Github: http://github.com/rmmartins
* LinkedIn: http://br.linkedin.com/in/rmmartins

Part-Time Jobs/Projects/Activities:

  * Zoop (In-person and online payments for marketplaces & crowdfunding)
  July/2014 - Current: DevOp/Sysadmin Lead

- Part-time job as remote sysadmin responsible for cloud architecture and management of all environment, including linux servers, services and databases;
- System Architecture;
- AWS Multizone Distributed Systems;
- SysAdmin tasks;
- Linux System Administration;
- Server Deployment & Management;
- Cloud Security, PCI/DSS;
- ELK (Elastic Seach, Logstash and Kibana) implementation to provide deep search, data analytics, centralized logging, log enrichment, log parsing and powerful data visualizations;
- Technologies involved: Amazon WebServices (Route53, IAM, S3, SQS, EC2, VPC, RDS, ELB), CentOS Linux, Nginx, Tomcat, SSL, Exim, NodeJS, Docker, IPSEC, OpenVPN, Zabbix.

  * ResolveAí (Mobile E-hailing application)
  June/2014 - August/2014: Sysadmin

- Administration of web servers and database on Rackspace Cloud;
- Migration of servers, implementation of MySQL replication;
- Implementation of monitoring;
- Adjustments in security policies, implementation of SSH keys instead of user/password for login;
- Migration from Apache to Nginx on all Web servers;
- Technologies involved: CentOS Linux, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, Apache,VsFTPD, Exim, Memcached, RabbitMQ.

  * RimuHosting (VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting)
  November/2013 - April/2014: Sysadmin

Remote Sysadmin for coverage over the New Zealand weekends as a part-time support staff with the following activities:

- Customer server sysadmining;
- Linux administration (CentOS, Debian);
- Troubleshooting performance issues;
- Installing webapps, tomcat, plesk/cpanel/virtualmin, ssl certificates;
- Finding and resolving server exploits;
- Handling physical server provisioning/installs;
- Setup and management of web servers, ftp, dns, etc.

This activity has helped me improve my English and my technical knowledge.

  * MCury (Training Center for Certification Exams)
  June/2010 - December/2010: Microsoft Instructor.

- Training for IT professionals from various companies focusing on preparation for the certification exam MCP in Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290).

  * Ottimiza Engenharia (Company of Engineering Projects)
  July/2009 - June/2010: IT Consultant

- Coordination, planning, management, control and execution of the activities of the department;
- Among the activities we highlight the migration of approximately 70 workstations and 2 servers for domain environment with Windows Server 2008 R2 and deploying Linux Firewall providing network security, access monitoring, content filtering and restricting access.

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